The new "art 2 DRIVE" ...

No distribution in the EU

Maximum degrees of freedom and maneuverabiliy

  • Tip rotation
  • Tip deflection
  • Shaft rotation

Reach an unprecedented flexibility through the unique design of r2 DRIVE. 360° tip rotation plus  tip deflection in combination with a full shaft rotation allows you to perform precise maneuvers even in difficult areas. r2 DRIVE provides optimal alignment of the instrument tip to the tissue, even in difficult access angles and narrow areas with limited space for movement.

Ultimate flexibility

5 mm diameter gives you the flexibility to perform a wide range of applications in diverse minimal invasive procedures with small lesion.

Bipolar HF technology... the safe choice to achieve hemostasis.

Benefits compared to monopolar technology are:

  • reliable, reproducible and predictable dissection effects
  • a local and clearly defied coagulation and area of electrical field in the patient's body 
  • a reduction of artifacts and interference with other electronic systems

The variation of instruments...

...allows performing different tasks within a procedure, using the full range of advantages of the 360° rotation plus articulation.

Variation of configuration:

  • Grasper
  • Needle Holder
  • Maryland Dissector
  • Scissor

Navigate with ease and comfort

r2 DRIVE allows exact navigation with your fingertips and eliminates excessive arm motion. The specially designed user concept offers an ergonomic hand and arm position to provide less fatigue and physical discomfort.

Provides economic value

The fully disposable, one piece instruments give you ultimate flexibility with an excellent economic value. No assembling prior operation eliminates set up times. No costly and time consuming re-processing.

Product Portfolio:

Product lineModelBipolar
HF technology
r2 DRIVE Atraumatic Grasper
r2 DRIVE Needle Holder
r2 DRIVE Maryland Dissector
r2 DRIVE Metzenbaum Scissors

The instruments have a length of 37 cm.